1. Brainstorm and Planning

We will define the objectives, do extensive preliminary research,
braintstorm and define a retroplan that will be suitable for the
communication objective.
In short, we'll make sure you are on the right track!

2. Storyboard Creation

Our graphic designers will define a graphic chart based on your brand guidelines.. We will then propose an illustrated storyboard.
We will use the drawings to help us realize what the interface will look
like and if it answers the requirements concerning user interface composition, ergonomics and design. The initial storyboard is not definitive but defines a start for an iterative process to reach perfection and optimal added value.

3. Concept Realization

Once the definitive storyboard has been confirmed, our team will start gathering multimedia contents and our programmers will start developing
the interface.
We will keep you informed about all the steps of the development of your multimedia idea. Intensive test will be made to ensure the reliability of the application. Before the event, you will be invited to test the final application as soon as it is ready.